I am a Brazilian sound and media artist based in Italy. My most recent work and research aims the confluence between art and science with the focus of finding bridges between the use of data and digital environment with language through the artistic expression. 
Former journalist, sound designer and and currently in a MA of NetArt and Digital Culture, in my artistic path I have worked with theatre companies on creating music and sonic universes, in sound+photo+light expositions, installations, audiovisual concepts for projection mapping and virtual galleries, generative algorithms for sound and visual composition, live coding and data sonification and visualisation techniques.
 In a conceptual level, my work investigates the relationship between the individual and its surroundings through the use of language (as tool for realising, not only as vector for communication), a process that continuously influences identity. 
Themes like human x machine interaction; society’s standards expectations and delusions; sexist roles and oppression; migration and cultural adaptation; politics, structures of power and mass manipulation are somehow always present in my artwork.
 bresciani | music | sound | video | data