My work aims to suggest realities. I craft sonic contexts by mixing composition, real instrumentation, computer music and field recording to introduce the listener into a whole universe of sound possibilities. Not always real, not always possible, but that stimulates reflections upon our world.
I’m driven by this idea of provoking, stimulating another perception of the reality that manifests before our eyes, our senses. On constructing sound narratives – either on their own, or as part of another aesthetics, another work – I focus my messages on metaphors and ideas that evoke mental images. 
In this way, I believe I can reach to a point where the sonic materials seem to evoke what we imagine to be the experience outside the music. That is the reason I try also to associate my sound work to another medias, another forms of perception, another points of view about the same artistic object. 
On these experimentations with different media, I always try to reach the same entangled effect on mixing different layers/levels, confusing boundaries, suggesting illusions beyond the original used material/source. My first alternative media was with video work, but I ventured into the world of analog and digital photography, light manipulation and some printing techniques such as screen printing.
The final objective is to build what I call a poetic universe. Multiple, unique on each form of representation, different but the same in every used media. Looking for the intersection where those complementary manifestations – point of views, perceptions – feedback each other and so communicates with our inner selves, our true values, our consciousness and subconsciousness.
But, what ever is the used technique, the result is always unexpected. Neither is the same to everyone. Not only because I base part of my composition standards to random/auto-generative forces/choices, but also because every person that experience it will have its own perception – suggested maybe, but still unique.
In my works I am driven by themes that deals with the relationship of the individual and the society that surrounds and influences one’s self. Like society’s standards expectations and delusions; sexist roles and oppression; migration and cultural adaptation; and politics, structures of power and mass manipulation.
 bresciani | composer | sound art | installation