25 Anos sem Asfalto
This work was part of the 32º Festival Internacional de Curtas Metragens de São Paulo – Curta Kinoforum, Ramsgate International Film and TV Festival, CINEOP 16th Mostra de Cinema de Ouro Preto, Bozeman International Film Festival, 4th Festival de Cinema de Jaraguá do Sul 2021, Festival Curta de Campos de Jordão, Mostra de Cinema e Negritude of the Festival de Cinema de Vitória and the IV Mostra SESC de Cinema. It received also the prize a união faz o filme by kinolab tela digital.

The film 25 Anos Sem Asfalto (25 Years Without Asphalt) follows Rose, who lives the delicacy and hardness of everyday life alongside her son Pedro on the outskirts of São Paulo, Vargem Grande neighborhood, Parelheiros, on the southern end of the capital. The project has the potential to contribute to the dissemination of stories of this still strange and little known place, in an attempt to strengthen the local cultural identity, enable new social interactions and ways of recording the transformations of the community through cinematographic language.

Vargem Grande is located over an immense crater caused by an asteroid impact about 36 million years ago. In 1986, the northern part of Crater was acquired and subdivided by União das Favelas do Grajaú. Since then, the unbridled growth and the lack of land tenure regularization are reflected in the lack of public services and equipment for transport, culture, leisure, etc., for the approximately 40 thousand inhabitants. The neighborhood is part of the Capivari-Monos Environmental Protection Area (APA), in Parelheiros, a district that has the second worst human development index (HDI) in the capital. The lack of recognition by the government of the legality of the subdivision and the constructions that took over the Crater makes it difficult to install urban infrastructure equipment, including the paving of the streets. These questions permeate the life stories of residents who still resist and reinvent themselves.
The name of the neighborhood could not be shorter. It is very common in conversation circles, when talking about the neighborhood, questions such as: Where is this? Is it in São Paulo, capital? Is it on the map? It is Vargem Grande for the residents of Parelheiros district. Colony Crater for geographers and geologists. And Varjão for his intimates.

The intimacy with Varjão makes this film also a life project, of return and recognition of the creator of this project, who lived a good part of her childhood immersed in the Crater and in the ways of existing within it. It is a narration of dusty memories in the vacant lots that turned into football fields before being occupied by new residents who arrived all the time in the mid-1990s. It is also the story of the stolen corncobs and all the fields that disappeared. with the growth of the neighborhood. It's the wind in your face when you ride your bike down the first paved street, the prison road, this paradox of freedom and imprisonment.

The wait for the asphalt permeates the lives of the residents of the neighborhood, known as "foot of clay". The clay that turns to mud and entertains children on rainy days is the same clay that gets dirty and differentiates adults. It's the dirt that residents wipe off their shoes when they arrive at the bus stop, before boarding for "the city." It is still São Paulo, but there are so many distances - symbolic and spatial - that, when boarding the Terminal Santo Amaro bus, the impression you get is that you disembark in another city.
It's a story about Vargem Grande, about waiting, which tells of memories and reunions of lives without asphalt. The creator returns to listen to girls from her time who jumped in muddy puddles and who today clean their shoes at the bus stop to go to work and seek sustenance for another generation without asphalt. A way of giving back and giving a new meaning to those spaces and people who were responsible for a feeling of belonging to a place.
Still frame from 25 Anos Sem Asfalto
Still frame from 25 Anos Sem Asfalto
Still frame from 25 Anos Sem Asfalto
Still frame from 25 Anos Sem Asfalto
Still frame from 25 Anos Sem Asfalto
Still frame from 25 Anos Sem Asfalto
Still frame from 25 Anos Sem Asfalto
Still frame from 25 Anos Sem Asfalto
Still frame from 25 Anos Sem Asfalto
Still frame from 25 Anos Sem Asfalto
Uyara Lourenço (Rose)
Nikolas Otavio Ramos (Pedro)
Hugo Vitorio Soares (Carlinhos)
Lara Silva (Julia)
Cris Oliveira (Maria)
Teresa Andrade (Dri)
Nayla Marinho (Silvana)
Luane Silva (Joana)
Jheniffer Alves dos Santos (Zoia)
Bernardo Cordeiro (David)
Lucimara Miranda da Silva (Voz off)
Flaviana Alves Costa (Voz off)
Daniela de Oliveira Silva Ribeiro (Voz off)
Elaine Cristina Dias Ferreira dos Santos (Voz off)
Edna Pereira Bastos (Voz off)
Vania de Moura (Voz off)
Fabi Andrade
Rodrigo Dantas Bastos
Jaqueline da Silva
Gabriela França
Fabi Andrade
Rodrigo Dantas Bastos
Francisco Bahia
Tom Laterza
Ana Carolina Ballan
Heloisa Guisard
Luciano Risso
Edson Spitaletti
Pedro Krull
Joaddan Campos
Daniel Ribeiro
Gabriela França (1a assistente)
Alaissa Rodrigues (2a assistente)
Han Thiago
Joyce Cury
Roberta Perônico
Kauan Lopes Queiroz
Willian Oliveira Souza Santana
Marcos Lizandro Oliveira de Jesus
Lucas Gonzaga Soares
Rafael Bresciani
Rafael Bresciani
Rafael Bresciani
INPUT | artesonora
Maurício Castañeda
Patricia Sánchez
Nathaly Martínez
Maria Silva
Mário Di Poi

Rafael Bresciani

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