a merda (la merda)
Snatched by her stream of consciousness, a woman struggles with stubbornness, courage, and endurance, manifesting in her bulimic and revolted public confidence, to open her own space as a celebrity. "It is a fierce, shocking, raw text of humanity and poetry right into the flesh," says the actress Christiane Tricerri, who also signs the direction.
La Merda by Cristian Ceresoli was produced for the first time on stage, starring Silvia Gallerano, by Frida Kahlo Productions, Richard Jordan Productions and Produzioni Fuorivia in association with Summerhall. The production subsequently toured extensively throughout the world, including seasons at Soho Theater (London), Maxim Gorki Theater (Berlin), Adelaide Festival (Adelaide) and Fall Festival (Madrid).
A Merda (La Merda) by Cristian Ceresoli
Direction and Interpretation by Christiane Tricerri
Based on the original creation of
Silvia Gallerano and Cristian Ceresoli
Presented in accordance with Frida Kahlo Productions, Richard Jordan Productions and Produzioni Fuorivia
associated with Summerhall.
Translation: Francisco Ancona
Co-director (Occhio Esterno): Maurízio Paroni
Assistent director: Lianna Matheus
Set design: Alvaro Egas and Viviane Tricerri
Visage: Raphael Cardoso
Light Design and Operation: Gita Govinda

Sound Design: bresciani
Sound Operator: Selma Dammenhain
Voice Design: Maestro Marcello Amalfi
Performance Design: Mônica Monteiro
Stage director: Miló Martins
Body Preparation: Nicolas Trevijano
Production director: Francine Storino
Executive Production: Rita Ferradaes
Incentive Project Production: Alexandre Mroz
Graphic Design: Alonso Alvarez