Awa Ly @ The Place Roma
Born and raised in Paris, Awa Ly comes from a Senegal family and mix, in her art, influences from the african and european culture. Singer and actress she performed at The Place Roma in 2012 with a jazz band and a repertoire full of style and delicacy. 
Produced by IED Roma and The Place Roma our multimedia group have conceived the visual context of the concert. Interactive information panels, video/sound art exposition and video mapping as stage design were some of the realizations we made to create an coherence atmosphere to the presentation.
Direction: Luigi Vernieri
Coordination: Filippo Manni and Max Giovagnoli
Artistic Manager: Sergio Alberini and Franz Rosati
The Place's Artist Director: Michele Bellucci
Flaviano Arbia
Federica Aristei
Giorgia Campoli
Giorgio Proietti
Roberto Attanasio
Livia Beltrami
Rafael Bresciani
Andrea Mazzuco
Massimo Perin
The Place Roma official logo
Stage Design sketch