Awa Ly @ The Place Roma
Born and raised in Paris, Awa Ly comes from a Senegal family and mix, in her art, influences from the african and european culture. Singer and actress she performed at The Place Roma in 2012 with a jazz band and a repertoire full of style and delicacy. 
Produced by IED Roma and The Place Roma our multimedia group have conceived the visual context of the concert. Interactive information panels, video/sound art exposition and video mapping as stage design were some of the realizations we made to create an coherence atmosphere to the presentation.
Direction: Luigi Vernieri
Coordination: Filippo Manni and Max Giovagnoli
Artistic Manager: Sergio Alberini and Franz Rosati
The Place's Artist Director: Michele Bellucci
Flaviano Arbia
Federica Aristei
Giorgia Campoli
Giorgio Proietti
Roberto Attanasio
Livia Beltrami
Rafael Bresciani
Andrea Mazzuco
Massimo Perin
The Place Roma official logo
The Place Roma official logo
Stage Design sketch
Stage Design sketch