coriolano - cia ocamorana
Adapting and staging a work by William Shakespeare is always a challenge, especially when it is based on the work of Plutarch of Queroneia (76-120 AD), famous author of ancient Greek-Roman biographies. Determined to face the mission, the Ocamorana Theater Company, from São Paulo, Brazil, chose one of the most emblematic and less acted texts of the English playwright, "Coriolano".
Contemplated by the Theater Development Program of the Municipal Culture Secretariat of São Paulo, the play celebrates the group's 20-year anniversary. "I consider this text the most difficult of the author and I though of adapting it already more than two decades ago," says director Márcio Boaro. "We worked on this assembly for a year and a half. I did a lot of research on this until I get to the final result, which had as its main reference the re-readings of the German playwright and director Bertolt Brecht. "
Text: William Shakespeare
Adaptation: Márcio Boaro
Director: Márcio Boaro
“ Coriolanus – Visões da Plebe, Visões da
Crise” project coordinator: Mônica Raphael
Assistant director: Eduardo Campos
Production director: Mônica Raphael 
Cast: Mônica Raphael, Manuel Boucinhas and Litta Mogoff
Guests:  Andressa Ferrarezi, André Capuano,
Joaz Campos, Pedro Felicio, Rodrigo Ramos,
Toni D´Agostinho, Al Nascimento, Aton Macário,
Letícia Negretti, Luiz Campos and Thaís Campos.
Musical Direction and live instrumentation: Demian Pinto
Scenario: Antônio Marciano
Costume: Claudia Schapira
Light Design: Marcos Carreira

Visual Arts and Video Mapping: bresciani 
and Juliana Teixeira (colab @monocrew)
Body Preparation: Nei Gomes
Voice Preparation: Erika Coracini
Musical Production: Gabriel Hernandes
Photography: Lenise Pinheiro
Production assistant: Vanda Nogueira
Production Management: Escritório das Artes
Realization: Ocamorana Theater Company.
Press: Pombo Correio.
Venue: Teatro Arthur Azevedo
Duration: 120 minutes