isso não é um sacrifício
Developed from the text of Fernando Bonassi, Christiane Tricerri gives light to the story of a woman who makes her last speech before being stoned to death. The monologue talks about intolerance and the social appeal of sometimes being the ones who throw the stones while in others we are the ones where the stones are thrown at. 
Text: Fernando Bonassi
Conception and Direction: Christiane Tricerri 
Interpretation: Fernanda D’ Umbra
Scenery-Costume: Gal Oppido
 Music: bresciani and Jorge Jordão 
Musical Direction: bresciani 
Guitar: Jorge Jordão

Synth e SFX: bresciani
Light Design: Ademir Muniz
Operation: Macos Loureiro
Head Dress: Helena Obersteiner
Photography: Gal Oppido
Execution of scenographic project: Alvaro Egas and
Viviane Tricerri André
Graphic Design: Alonso Alvarez
Production of incentivized project: Alexandre Mroz
Production Director: Alexandre Brazil
Project Idealization: Christiane Tricerri