The vision Vilém Flusser shared in his first book Language and Reality (1963) was like home to me. Suddenly all made sense and my life took a path I could never think of it. From that day on, everything was different.
Flusser’s ‘dialog’ with Ludwig Wittgenstein’s theory of language was the beginning of a theoretical and practical playground about how the massive exposition of human experiences to digital technology is reshaping our language, and therefore, our reality.
lixt is a product of this relationship and the way I address myself when in this persona (always tech mediated) is a method, a style. Playing around Ferdinand de Saussure’s semantical link was one of these methods. A way for me to dialog with pixo ‘s aesthetics and values, to stimulate a more authentic and attentive communication, and developing an alternative alphabet was almost natural when lixt first spoke.
Now, anyone can speak its language. €~?○¥!
you can download lixt language at